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Studio – design department

Our graphic studio is a team of qualified graphic designers passionate about creative arts such as photography, architecture, industrial design and visual arts. Drawing from their extensive aesthetic sense and 15 years of our experience in manufacturing of advertising materials, we can offer comprehensive service without unnecessary involvement of our customers in the issues such as technological processes or materials science which should remain within our domain. We believe that it is the final result that is of pivotal importance for our customers – namely the proper sequence of delivery and attention to aesthetics and quality of final product. We will assess your product against the competition, and we will perform the entire process of development – from the concept, through real-life 3D visualisation to sample / prototype manufacturing and colour proof production.

Projektowanie produktów POS, BTL, opakowań w Accurate

Models and blanking dies workshop

To reflect the artistic vision in reality, before launching the production process we develop a prototype.
For this purpose, the workshop is equipped with a large-format plotter for photo quality printouts, a cutting plotter, a 3D cutting and milling plotter.
In this workshop, we develop the prototypes of packaging, welcome packs, displays as well as non-standard folders, leaflets and other custom materials.

Makieta pudełka stworzonego przez Accurate